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House Hunting…

And so it begins!

Shawn and I have been somewhat passively looking around for condos or small homes in the area for a few months, but last week we got our renewal notice for our current apartment and its due at the end of the month (even though our lease isn’t up until end of December…does that even make sense??) so we have to decide quickly! We’re like 99% sure we’re not renewing our lease, which means there will be some moving chaos yet again come December.

Over the weekend, we visited a couple open houses. We’ve decided that we want to be in the city within walking distance from our offices. Unfortunately, options aren’t super plentiful because of the cost of living in the city, but we have found some possible options. The first condo we saw was okay, but reminded us too much of where we used to live a couple years ago, and also the washer and dryer wasn’t in the unit (a big no no for me!) so we’ve pretty much crossed that off the list. Then we visited this adorable little house that is only about 10 minutes walking distance from Shawn’s office. And when I say “little”, I mean little. As in…we may have trouble fitting our queen size bed in the bedroom! haha. However, I really liked it…the location can’t be beat and its right around the corner from Trader Joe’s for groceries. My only issue is that its directly across from a bar, and I don’t like noise when I’m trying to sleep. Shawn didn’t like the house as much as I did I don’t think (since its just so small, and the price is a little high for how small it is). Its a strong contender, but we’ve just started looking so hopefully some better options will present themselves.

Next weekend I’m heading down to Virginia again for my friend’s birthday which should be fun! I can’t believe there’s only a couple weeks in September left…time has really been flying. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous the past week or so. I hope it stays this way (although I would not mind it getting a little cooler)!

4 thoughts on “House Hunting…”

  1. How exciting to start looking for a house!! It can be so exciting but so frustrating, when we were looking there weren’t many houses that weren’t in an area where the houses are tight together, since we wanted more privacy and the feeling of actually living in a house and not in an apartment, and we want to be able to play music late without disturbing, etc. We found this huge house that cost a bit too much but the price was still fine since the other houses even though they were smaller would probably finish at that price range anyway.

  2. I hate moving!!! Living in a city is difficult.
    I live with my sister and her fiance and our lease is up in October which is also when my sister is getting married. So not only do we have to find a place soon and move we also have wedding stuff to finish up as well. -.-

    I wish you luck in finding a place that is perfect for you.

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