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Worrying! What I Do Best.

Guess I should update on the kitty issues which are unfortunately still ongoing.

By Friday, his eye still wasn’t looking quite right so I made an appointment with the vet who was luckily able to see him that day (within an hour actually). She confirmed that it was a mild case of conjunctivis (pink eye) and I left with some antibiotic drops and a wallet that was $120 lighter. Getting the drops in his eye involves both of us holding him down and wrapping him in a towel so he’s a little “burrito” haha. Its the only way that actually works to keep him still. Going on day 3 with the drops, and I still haven’t seen a noticeable difference in his eye so I may be calling the vet back tomorrow or Thursday. She also gave him a flea treatment for his itching (since we both suspected fleas) but unfortunately he’s still scratching himself a lot so I don’t know if its because of the treatment itself or if its something else like allergies. On top of all that, I don’t think he’s used the litter box (to do, umm, #2) in at least one or two days so I get to delve into the world of cat constipation. JOY! 🙁

So yea, the entirety of my Labor Day weekend was spent worrying about the kitty so I feel like I didn’t have much of a vacation. And he’s still not better, so the worrying continues. On the bright side, I bought him a new carrier (this one) which is much much easier to deal with than the one we were using. Its a lot larger and taller, and its hard-sided so its easier for him to get into…or, should I say, for us to push him into lol. So…if I do have to take him to the vet again (which I really hope I don’t, for my bank account’s sake), at least it won’t be ridiculously stressful trying to get him in the carrier which is like the #1 reason I don’t like taking him to the vet.

I’ll keep you updated. I really hope the poor thing gets better soon and stops having so many problems!

Nothing much else going on. Everyone is back in the office today and I have a lot more work. Guess I should have expected that, but I figured at least some people would extend their vacations through this week buuut guess not.

Shawn’s birthday is coming up this week as well. He’ll be 27. 27 seems so old, but I’ll be 27 in less than a year and omg I’m going to die its been almost a decade since I was 18 how is that even possible and where is my life going blahhhh

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