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My Birthday Weekend

So last week was my birthday and I celebrated on Saturday (I guess I should change the sidebar to say that I’m 25, huh?). I was originally going to have dinner with a couple friends until Shawn’s coworker sent an email out about selling tickets for the Philadelphia Orchestra concert for that night. We ended up going to that, after having dinner first and then a quick Lush trip (yay for bubble bars!). It was nice and a totally awesome birthday gift 🙂

Besides that, nothing much else went on this weekend. I woke up with an unusually strange amount of energy Saturday and cleaned the entire apartment. Don’t know what that was all about but it was nice to not have to do it yesterday! I just realized I completely forgot to take an updated photo yesterday of the basil/tomato plants. I will tonight and add it to this entry. done! They seem to be coming along nicely, though though the tomato plant is growing wayy fast than the basil. I want the basil to grow more! haha I’m still unsure how often I’m supposed to be watering them. I just kind of feel the soil…and its very moist so I’m assuming I don’t have to water it much? #thisiswhyIcantgrowthings

I caved yesterday and finally purchased a pair of TOMS shoes with a giftcard that I had. I’m really excited to get them! I got the olive green color. I tried them on at Urban Outfitters to make sure I ordered the right size. The reviews on the website are confusing…some people say to size up and others say to size down. I ended up sizing down, because the 8 1/2 I tried on was slightly loose and I know they stretch out. Here’s hoping they fit!

So I’m totally loving Game of Thrones so far. I’m almost halfway through it (like 30%). I want to watch the first season of the show, because it looks like it lines up with the first book, but HBO makes it near impossible for non-subscribers to watch any of their shows 🙁 My only option is to buy the whole season on Itunes mehh

New recipe for this week isn’t going to be “new” since I’ve made it a few times before. But since I’m not planning on making anything new this week I figured I’d share it. It will be Parmesan Baked French Fries…they are delicious!

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  1. Happy Birthday, name twin! It feels awesome, being 25. At least for me it does. Can’t wait to see that recipe, it sounds totally delicious. :love:

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