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My March Birchbox

Got my March Birchbox in the mail yesterday! Here’s what I got:

March Birchbox

  • Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream This is a blueberry scented shaving cream. I really love the scent and the texture, though I don’t know if I really buy into the whole idea of “high end” shaving cream. I don’t think it is any more effective than a cheaper brand.
  • Evologie Intensive Blemish Serum Remember when I mentioned not having had a breakout in months? My skin must have known that I was going to get this sample, because I woke up with a large pimple on my face this week (think its due to the primer I’ve been using). Luckily, that meant I could try out this sample! I’ve only used it twice, but I feel like it is diminishing the blemish pretty well, though again I don’t think it is doing anything that a cheaper brand wouldn’t be able to do.
  • Caldrea Body Lotion I was so annoyed when I saw that these came in single-use packets instead of in a tube, especially when I saw other boxes had makeup items like eyeshadow! Although, I do really like the lotion (tried the fig scent which was amazing!), but there’s a lot to be said for having a tube sample as opposed to cheapy packets, especially when other boxes did not have the foil packets at all.
  • Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow Haven’t tried this BB Cream yet but it seems like a pretty good size. Hopefully its my correct shade…I always have issues with the tinted moisturizers or creams they send not matching me very well.
  • EXTRA: Madewell for Birchbox Nail Emery Board This is a super cute nail file! I love the floral design and light pink on the reverse side, and also the fact that it comes in a little plastic case. I’ve never bought anything from Madewell (SO expensive) but I’m thinking about picking up something when Birchbox sends around this coupon.

I’d say my Birchbox from last month was probably better than this one, but this one definitely was not bad. If the Caldrea lotion was in a tube that would have made all the difference!

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What did you guys get in your Birchboxes this month, and were you happy with it?

2 thoughts on “My March Birchbox”

  1. I really LOVE Whish Shave Cream, but it’s kinda pricey for shave cream IMO. Hope you can do a full review on the Evologie Blemish Serum! I’d love it <3

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