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Sigma F82 Round Kabuki Brush

I recently picked up two Sigma Makeup brushes from their Sigmax line. The brush I use now from Coastal Scents (the wide buffer brush) is amazing and soft, but it is a little too wide for my PurMinerals foundation. I really wanted the F82 Kabuki (3rd from right) for foundation and the F84 Angled Kabuki (2nd from right) for blush, since my blush brush isn’t as soft as I’d like it to be. I decided I would only get one brush since each is $16, but before checking out I clicked the “Special Deals” section to see if there was anything of interest, and I found they were doing a deal where you could get both brushes for $24! I ended up getting both brushes and I love them so much. The brushes in this special deal have matte black handles (as opposed to the shiny black handles of the regular F82 and F84) and they look super sleek! I’ll be reviewing the F84 in a future entry.

F82 Sigmax Brush
There was definitely a learning curve to using this brush in comparison to what I had been using before. The size of the brush head was probably half of my Coastal Scents brush, so it takes a little longer to buff foundation onto your entire face than it would with a big brush. However, this brush lets you get into smaller crevices on your face like around your nose and eyes much better than a larger, flat brush would. Because of the size and shape, the application is more even and efficient because I’m able to really cover every area of my face. The brush itself is super soft, the same amount of softness as my Coastal Scents synthetic buffer. The only two downsides I have to this brush are; the handle is very long, so if you’re holding it by the handle, your hand is going to start hurting after a little while unless you hold it at the very base of the brush (like you would do with a regular short kabuki). This isn’t really that big of a deal since I hold it like that anyway. The second thing is that because it is so incredibly dense, the Sigmax brushes take foreverrrr to dry….so definitely have a backup if you can! I shampooed mine on Friday night. It is now Monday morning, and it is still damp. I think I may pick up the Sigma Shape and Dry to speed up the drying process!

Overall, I’m absolutely loving this brush! Everything about this brush (from the handle to the bristles) feels super high quality and like it will last me forever. I will definitely be picking up more brushes from the Sigmax line! If you’d like to buy this brush for yourself, you can pick it up here on or click the banner below. They are also still having the special deal for both the F82 and F84 with black matte handles! Just click on “special deals” on the left 🙂

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  1. I have been waiting to purchase the exact same brushes from Sigma but didn’t want to pay over $30 for two brushes. But , I will go purchase them now that I know about this sale!!

    1. @Danielle yea I was super happy when I found that they had that deal! I also really like the black matte handles on those brushes better than the regular ones 🙂

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